The Lord of Ironcourt

The Thief, The Wagon, and The Tower.

The party’s relaxation in the Green Dragon Inn is interrupted by the arrival of Captain Graves, who informs the party of a band of thieves who have stolen a strongbox used to collect taxes from businesses throughout the city when they are due. The thieves have fled through the neighboring forest, The Ironwood.

The party pursue, and find the thieves have taken over a tavern in the next town, taking the barman’s wife hostage. After a brief fight they are subdued, and knocked unconscious. When they awake they are in the company of a formidable looking man and a well dressed elf. The barman and his wife are safe, and the two newcomers reveal they are also pursuing the Thieves, for personal reasons. They join the two in their pursuit and track them to a barn, where the party cut through the bandits with some help, and retrieve the strongbox. They own their reward and are thanked again by Graves.

Back in town, the party wish to purchase a wagon, which they fit with a closed section in the back, and a large trunk on the back. The trunk is protected by a flame ward cast by Starchild.

Lord Blackbridge then contacts the party, and informs them there is a tower in the forest a day’s travel from town, still standing from many years ago when it used to be a border between nations. The Lord seeks the maps and astral charts which should be in the tower, and after negotiations, offers the tower to the party as a reward for their efforts.

They clear this tower of goblins with the help of an angry bear, and defeat a giant spider which resides on the top floor. The maps are found, along with an immovable rod, and a curious troll hand mounted on a stick.

The maps are returned to Blackbridge, and the party arrange to pay some workers to refurbish and clean the tower, while they engage in their next adventure.


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