The Lord of Ironcourt

Boats n' Gifts

The party gets news of a hostage situation in the city of Oakenmark. A group of bandits have boarded the floating inn, The Lucky Sphinx, which is built on a boat, and sailed it out to sea, seeking a ransom.

Rushing to the city, the party secure a boat to rendezvous with the captured ship, and after boarding defeat the bandits on the deck. Down below they find many hostages, and a ledger containing guest’s names. After some confusion (Oops) they deduce which bandits are hiding amongst the hostages, and kill them. Below deck in the storage hold, Starchild crushes a bandit under many crates, and takes a dagger radiating magical energy from him.

They return victorious, and the inn is returned to the dock. They are contacted by both Captain Graves, who wishes to bestow some gifts on the players as a reward for their many services.

He gives Starchild an exquisite spear, set with sapphires and enchanted. He gives Uma a magical Ring of the Ram, which can strike foes harder than any man. He gives Herman a Dragon Hunter’s Helm of dwarvish making, built to resist fire. He also gives the players a table for their new tower, unfortunately unfinished as it requires the tail feather of a Giant Eagle to complete the enchantment.

They travel to Oakenmark again to contact a wizard who lives there for more information on obtaining such a feather. The wizard is called Peyton Redlight. He tells them of a passage through the Boar Tusk mountains to the south, where Giant Eagles are known to roam. They prepare by purchasing cloaks for the cold weather, and readying their wagon, before setting out.


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