The Lord of Ironcourt

Fogs, Frogs, and Fireballs

The party leave Laceheart a while with his family, and then he returns to the adventurers downstairs. He looks to them and thanks them sincerely. Laceheart tells them he’ll be heading off with his family tomorrow, somewhere the cult won’t find him. Starchild interrupts him, telling him he can’t leave, and that they must take him back to Ironcourt to be tried in court.

Laceheart looks resigned, and accepts, since he cannot fight the adventurers, and returns upstairs to tell his family. After 15 minutes, the party venture upstairs and find that Laceheart has disappeared, leaving his wife and kids, who are deeply upset. The adventurers doubt they will find him, but try to get what information they can about the cult from his wife.

The only information they can really collect is that some of the cultists were based in Oldhill. The adventurers then return to Ironcourt, and seek out the Lord to tell him what they have learned. Arriving in Ironcourt, Lord Blackbridge greets them, and accepts the news. He also tells them that Peyton Redlight, the mage from Oakenmark, has some more work for them. They decide to set off immediately.

After journeying through the night safely, Herman knocks on Peyton’s door, and he greets the party. His job for them is to retrieve some notes from a fallen tower in the Fogmarsh to the East, which Peyton tells them has not been inhabited in decades.

The marsh is treacherous, making progress slow, and the trek will take all day. A thick fog hangs over the bog, masking the landscape.

After a few hours the adventurers see a dark shape looming out of the mist. It is a large rocky outcrop, dotted with a series of tunnels, only 5ft. circular, out of which streams a pair of frog like humanoids. As quick as the appear, Starchild conjures a flaming ball, which rolls down the tunnel and blocks it. As the frogmen are cut down by Herman and Uma, screams echo out of the tunnel, and no more of the creatures appear.

After three more hours of traversing the marshes, a new shape appears on the foggy horizon. This time square and bold, the tower stands before them. Around it’s perimeter stalks a group of skeletons, clad in old armour, and armed with swords and bows.

Starchild and Uma open fire with spells and bows, while Herman charges with his shield up, swinging his broadsword. The adventurers take a few scrapes, and a couple of heavier wounds, but finish off the skeletons, and then seek a place to rest a while.

Looking around, they find the fallen top half of the tower, and investigate. As Uma looks around into the room, he catches sight of a green flickering light, as it streaks past his head, emitting a shrill scream. It is a disembodied skull, wreathed in flame, with piercing red points for eyes. It turns and blasts fiery rays at Uma and Starchild, who dodge out the way. Starchild takes the form of a crocodile, and grasps the skull between his strong jaws, while Herman charges with his battleaxe, and strikes the creature so hard it disappears into Starchild’s stomach. The party then take their rest.

After their rest, the adventurers find the skull reforming where it was slain, and it releases another pair of scorching rays at them. They chase it, and Uma smashes it apart with a well placed arrow. Herman retrieves it’s jaw, which he clasps in the magical-troll-hand-on-a-stick. They continue into the tower.

Searching up through the levels, Uma falls through the floor, weakened with age as the tower sank into the mud. Herman helps haul him out of the basement, and they continue their search. Seeing a heavy locked door, Starchild detects some magical auras from beyond it using a spell, and directs Herman through it with his axe. As he chops down the door, the party see a room filled with expensive looking items. On one counter is a large fist-sized pearl, on another a long dark box, with silver bands. At the back of the room is a rack with a beautifully crafted longsword.

Uma picks up the sword, while Herman inspects the box. The box promptly bursts open, snapping the silver bands, and spewing black acrid smoke. The smoke coalesces into a form of a bearded figure. The sword in Uma’s hand leaps free, and strikes at him, flying as if possessed. The figure has coal black skin, and a beard of strange spiked tendrils. He attacks Starchild, leaving a murky black wound, which bleeds profusely. The adventurers fight back, with Herman grabbing the sword out of the air, and striking the devil with it.

Uma steps forward and unleashes a blow with his ring, which finishes the devil, and his body dissolves into sulphurous smoke. Searching the rest of the tower, the adventurers find the notes they’ve been looking for, along with two vials of Drow Poison.

After a long trek back to Oakenmark, the party collect their reward, and head to Ironcourt the next day. Here they talk with Lord Blackbridge, who informs them they could help the kingdom in a couple of ways. In Brinkwood unnatural creatures from stories and myths have been seen, and have been attacking logging camps and hunters. Meanwhile in Bronzearch, orc armies prepare for war.

The adventurers deem helping Bronzearch as being the priority, so set about preparations for going there.

In the meantime, Uma contacts Vincent Longborn from the arena, to arrange a naked sword fight with an equally as well endowed man, which ends as a victory for Uma, and gets him and Starchild a nice sum of gold.


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