The Lord of Ironcourt

Bounty Hunting and Escorting

After spending the night in a tavern, meeting a few locals, the party discovered the inadequacies of the Town Guard, and the potential for earning some money bounty hunting. They visited the Lord Gardner’s hall, and pursued a couple of criminals.

The first they baited by bribing a silk salesman with an attractive daughter to take his wagon out of town into the area of the attacks. Defeating the small band of criminals much like before, they earned themselves some respect with Gardner, and some money too.

The next criminal they happened to encounter on the streets of Kullvar, after a few drinks in the tavern. A brutal conflict erupted in the street, ending with the wanted man face down in a pool of blood, fallen to Jones’ broadsword.

Earning themselves a name within the city, they were approached by a merchant, who evidently heard of their exploits through an impressed (and slightly richer) silk merchant. He asked for an escort along the Wary road to the neighbouring city of Ironcourt.

Accepting the challenge the party agreed to leave the violent town of Kullvar behind. Before this however, they visit the man they rescued, finding him in the tavern, trying to find the whereabouts of his previous companions who left him for dead. He pursued them, parting from the adventurers very thankful.

The merchant Edmund Pike met them and they left for Ironcourt. On the way, they encountered a shattered bridge over the river, and were ambushed by goblin archers. Here, the driver of the wagon took an arrow through the forehead and fell instantly. After defeating the goblins, they created a makeshift crossing out of felled trees and managed to cross the bridge.

Further along the road they came across a lone black bear, and through druidic influence, Starchild befriended the creature, who traveled with the adventurers to the City.


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