The Lord of Ironcourt

Boats n' Gifts

The party gets news of a hostage situation in the city of Oakenmark. A group of bandits have boarded the floating inn, The Lucky Sphinx, which is built on a boat, and sailed it out to sea, seeking a ransom.

Rushing to the city, the party secure a boat to rendezvous with the captured ship, and after boarding defeat the bandits on the deck. Down below they find many hostages, and a ledger containing guest’s names. After some confusion (Oops) they deduce which bandits are hiding amongst the hostages, and kill them. Below deck in the storage hold, Starchild crushes a bandit under many crates, and takes a dagger radiating magical energy from him.

They return victorious, and the inn is returned to the dock. They are contacted by both Captain Graves, who wishes to bestow some gifts on the players as a reward for their many services.

He gives Starchild an exquisite spear, set with sapphires and enchanted. He gives Uma a magical Ring of the Ram, which can strike foes harder than any man. He gives Herman a Dragon Hunter’s Helm of dwarvish making, built to resist fire. He also gives the players a table for their new tower, unfortunately unfinished as it requires the tail feather of a Giant Eagle to complete the enchantment.

They travel to Oakenmark again to contact a wizard who lives there for more information on obtaining such a feather. The wizard is called Peyton Redlight. He tells them of a passage through the Boar Tusk mountains to the south, where Giant Eagles are known to roam. They prepare by purchasing cloaks for the cold weather, and readying their wagon, before setting out.

A Thief, a Wagon, and a Tower.

The party’s relaxation in the Green Dragon Inn is interrupted by the arrival of Captain Graves, who informs the party of a band of thieves who have stolen a strongbox used to collect taxes from businesses throughout the city when they are due. The thieves have fled through the neighboring forest, The Ironwood.

The party pursue, and find the thieves have taken over a tavern in the next town, taking the barman’s wife hostage. After a brief fight they are subdued, and knocked unconscious. When they awake they are in the company of a formidable looking man and a well dressed elf. The barman and his wife are safe, and the two newcomers reveal they are also pursuing the Thieves, for personal reasons. They join the two in their pursuit and track them to a barn, where the party cut through the bandits with some help, and retrieve the strongbox. They own their reward and are thanked again by Graves.

Back in town, the party wish to purchase a wagon, which they fit with a closed section in the back, and a large trunk on the back. The trunk is protected by a flame ward cast by Starchild.

Lord Blackbridge then contacts the party, and informs them there is a tower in the forest a day’s travel from town, still standing from many years ago when it used to be a border between nations. The Lord seeks the maps and astral charts which should be in the tower, and after negotiations, offers the tower to the party as a reward for their efforts.

They clear this tower of goblins with the help of an angry bear, and defeat a giant spider which resides on the top floor. The maps are found, along with an immovable rod, and a curious troll hand mounted on a stick.

The maps are returned to Blackbridge, and the party arrange to pay some workers to refurbish and clean the tower, while they engage in their next adventure.

The Summer Exodus Festival

The Summer Exodus Festival is upon the City. It marks the removal of all those who worship the old gods from the lands of the King of this province. The adventurers engage in the festival, despite being worshipers of the old gods themselves, since they fear not blending in with the locals. They engage in a few festival games and traditions organised by a travelling band of orange robed entertainers, and soon the festival has passed.

When the entertainers leave, there is uproar in the town as many families realize their children are missing. A mob quickly forms and pursues the entertainers to their next destination, Oakenmark, a nearby Port City. The adventurers decide to join the pursuit and follow the band out until they find them camping off the road.

The party decide the mob can probably handle a band of entertainers, but there is a brief fight and the mob is reduced to nothing at the cost of few of the entertainers, who all draw vicious machetes. At this point they intervene, and after a long fight manage to defeat a handful of the band, and pursue a brown robed individual who flees. He falls to an arrow shot by Uma. They find a note in a curious language on his body.

In the camp, they find many children asleep, who they take back to Ironcourt on a wagon. They are rewarded by the Lord, and announced heroes in the City. The bodies of the entertainers all bear necklaces with a cross and snake pendant, which is revealed to be a symbol of a cult, who seek to return the old gods to the land. They are known as the Sons of the Gathering Dawn.

Trent Heartwood

Arriving in the huge city, the party make themselves at home in The Green Dragon. They are approached by Edmund Pike who offers them more money to guard his stall at the marketplace. They agree, and on the next day a young man runs up to the stall. He is Ron Pike, Edmund’s younger brother. He confesses to losing a large sum of money gambling in the City’s Gentleman’s Club. He is now wanted by the meanest criminal in the City, Trent Heartwood.

The adventurers decide they cannot aid Pike with his problem, since they do not have the funds, but they will check out the Peppermint Giff, Heartwood’s establishment.

During the day, they visit the arena. Here they meet a man called Vincent Longborn, master of the arena. After trials to compete, both Uma and Herman manage to get a fight in a few days. Jones decides he wants to fight bare-fisted and unarmed.

That night they visit the Peppermint Giff, and Uma promptly gets into a fight with the largest bouncer in the place, and Heartwood’s right hand man. He uses some sort of enchanted gauntlet to freeze Uma, and throw him out of the club for flooring an innocent barmaid with his elbow.

Meanwhile, Starchild and Herman make friends with the bar staff, an attractive woman called Ella, and a man called Samuel. They hope to get some proof of the illegal activity Heartwood is engaging in, and arrest him before he can harm Pike. They wait till an opportunity presents itself.

Out in the street, Uma has gone round the back of the club, and comes face to face with a guard on the back door. Beating him in a game of cards, Uma impresses the guard and wins a meeting with Heartwood as a potential participant in one of the underground games he runs.

Uma meets Heartwood in his office, and here he offers to reveal someone who is working to arrest him in return for some money. Heartwood accepts, and Uma informs Trent of his companions downstairs and their intentions. Trying to pry more, Uma makes Heartwood suspicious, and he is again ejected from the Peppermint Giff.

Unaware of this, Jones and Angleboots are chatting with the bar staff some more, when Heartwood himself invites them to take part in a card game, for some money. They accept this invitation in hope they may find some more out about their target, not knowing they themselves are targets.

Descending into the basement, they play a game with Heartwood and some rich foreigners. They lose badly, and hand over a chunk of gold to Heartwood. Immediately following this, Trent leaves, and another 2 men enter with daggers, murdering the other players and attacking the adventurers. They manage to escape, using some vicious tools found in the next room to fend off the assassins, and they rush out into the streets, returning to the Green Dragon.

Uma is fast asleep when they return, and they join his slumber. At dawn they rise, and Jones and Starchild share stories of Heartwood’s activities. Uma tells them he simply returned to the tavern and drank away the night.

They decide to take the issue to the Captain of the Guard, a man called Arthur Graves. He is surprised they finally have evidence of Heartwood’s illegal activity, and within an hour they have assembled a team and raided the Peppermint Giff. Heartwood and his accomplices are arrested, and huge sums of gold and various valuables are seized.

Following a trial in which the adventurers are witnesses, Heartwood is sentenced to execution, and his right hand man Hadvar is jailed. The staff of the establishment are widely found innocent. Heartwood is executed that afternoon.

Graves thanks the party, and they ask for some of Heartwood’s valuables as a reward. Their wish is granted, and the party come into possession of a Dwarven Thunder Hammer, and 3 mysterious coloured arrows.

Bounty Hunting and Escorting

After spending the night in a tavern, meeting a few locals, the party discovered the inadequacies of the Town Guard, and the potential for earning some money bounty hunting. They visited the Lord Gardner’s hall, and pursued a couple of criminals.

The first they baited by bribing a silk salesman with an attractive daughter to take his wagon out of town into the area of the attacks. Defeating the small band of criminals much like before, they earned themselves some respect with Gardner, and some money too.

The next criminal they happened to encounter on the streets of Kullvar, after a few drinks in the tavern. A brutal conflict erupted in the street, ending with the wanted man face down in a pool of blood, fallen to Jones’ broadsword.

Earning themselves a name within the city, they were approached by a merchant, who evidently heard of their exploits through an impressed (and slightly richer) silk merchant. He asked for an escort along the Wary road to the neighbouring city of Ironcourt.

Accepting the challenge the party agreed to leave the violent town of Kullvar behind. Before this however, they visit the man they rescued, finding him in the tavern, trying to find the whereabouts of his previous companions who left him for dead. He pursued them, parting from the adventurers very thankful.

The merchant Edmund Pike met them and they left for Ironcourt. On the way, they encountered a shattered bridge over the river, and were ambushed by goblin archers. Here, the driver of the wagon took an arrow through the forehead and fell instantly. After defeating the goblins, they created a makeshift crossing out of felled trees and managed to cross the bridge.

Further along the road they came across a lone black bear, and through druidic influence, Starchild befriended the creature, who traveled with the adventurers to the City.

The Journey To Kullvar

Bundled in the back of a hay wagon, the adventures find themselves leaving the lands for the first time in their lives.

The first is Uma Thurman, a young woodsman, who spent his childhood and young adulthood hunting in the woods, feeding his family, and selling the rare excess meat. Using his skills with bow, spear, and knife to defend himself. His father taught him little of fighting with a sword too, and when Uma left, his father gave him his sword. Uma also found a connection with nature, and learned little of the arcane ways of nature.

Next in the wagon is Starchild Angleboots, somewhat of an outcast from the village, his family lived in the forest, part of an organisation of Druidic priests. Seen as outdated and unnecessary by the Lord, the Druids were subject to the same harsh taxes and sanctions as the rest of the villagers, so Starchild too was sent away by his family. Practice in the druidic arts has taught Starchild how to harness the ancient arcane powers of the natural world, making him a dangerous enemy.

Lastly, hiding amongst the hay was Herman Jones, a Dwarf of stout build and sporting an impressive beard. A rarity in the area, Jones was a member of the few Dwarven families in the Province, migrated from the Mountainhomes. His family run a smithy, and forged weapons and armour for the Lord. Little was made from this work however, despite fine Dwarven craftsmanship. His family taught him how to fight with the weapons they made however, and they retained as much of their Dwarven culture as they could manage. In the downtime however, Jones found a passion for studying the practice of magic in secret, helped by a close friend of the family, an old Wizard called Alaric.

Along the road they found a wounded man, stabbed in the stomach, who was quickly healed by Starchild, and taken with them, still unconscious.

A few miles later they came under ambush by roving bandits. Stopping and jumping out of the wagon, surprising the bandits, the adventurers defeated the bandits, and resumed their journey.

Upon reaching the town, they bid the merchant farewell, and took the man they saved to the church to be healed.

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