The Lord of Ironcourt

Trent Heartwood

Arriving in the huge city, the party make themselves at home in The Green Dragon. They are approached by Edmund Pike who offers them more money to guard his stall at the marketplace. They agree, and on the next day a young man runs up to the stall. He is Ron Pike, Edmund’s younger brother. He confesses to losing a large sum of money gambling in the City’s Gentleman’s Club. He is now wanted by the meanest criminal in the City, Trent Heartwood.

The adventurers decide they cannot aid Pike with his problem, since they do not have the funds, but they will check out the Peppermint Giff, Heartwood’s establishment.

During the day, they visit the arena. Here they meet a man called Vincent Longborn, master of the arena. After trials to compete, both Uma and Herman manage to get a fight in a few days. Jones decides he wants to fight bare-fisted and unarmed.

That night they visit the Peppermint Giff, and Uma promptly gets into a fight with the largest bouncer in the place, and Heartwood’s right hand man. He uses some sort of enchanted gauntlet to freeze Uma, and throw him out of the club for flooring an innocent barmaid with his elbow.

Meanwhile, Starchild and Herman make friends with the bar staff, an attractive woman called Ella, and a man called Samuel. They hope to get some proof of the illegal activity Heartwood is engaging in, and arrest him before he can harm Pike. They wait till an opportunity presents itself.

Out in the street, Uma has gone round the back of the club, and comes face to face with a guard on the back door. Beating him in a game of cards, Uma impresses the guard and wins a meeting with Heartwood as a potential participant in one of the underground games he runs.

Uma meets Heartwood in his office, and here he offers to reveal someone who is working to arrest him in return for some money. Heartwood accepts, and Uma informs Trent of his companions downstairs and their intentions. Trying to pry more, Uma makes Heartwood suspicious, and he is again ejected from the Peppermint Giff.

Unaware of this, Jones and Angleboots are chatting with the bar staff some more, when Heartwood himself invites them to take part in a card game, for some money. They accept this invitation in hope they may find some more out about their target, not knowing they themselves are targets.

Descending into the basement, they play a game with Heartwood and some rich foreigners. They lose badly, and hand over a chunk of gold to Heartwood. Immediately following this, Trent leaves, and another 2 men enter with daggers, murdering the other players and attacking the adventurers. They manage to escape, using some vicious tools found in the next room to fend off the assassins, and they rush out into the streets, returning to the Green Dragon.

Uma is fast asleep when they return, and they join his slumber. At dawn they rise, and Jones and Starchild share stories of Heartwood’s activities. Uma tells them he simply returned to the tavern and drank away the night.

They decide to take the issue to the Captain of the Guard, a man called Arthur Graves. He is surprised they finally have evidence of Heartwood’s illegal activity, and within an hour they have assembled a team and raided the Peppermint Giff. Heartwood and his accomplices are arrested, and huge sums of gold and various valuables are seized.

Following a trial in which the adventurers are witnesses, Heartwood is sentenced to execution, and his right hand man Hadvar is jailed. The staff of the establishment are widely found innocent. Heartwood is executed that afternoon.

Graves thanks the party, and they ask for some of Heartwood’s valuables as a reward. Their wish is granted, and the party come into possession of a Dwarven Thunder Hammer, and 3 mysterious coloured arrows.


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