The Lord of Ironcourt

Can't Make An Omelette Without Breaking Some Bird-Man Eggs

The adventurers set out from Oakenmark, and travelled along the Wary Road towards the Boar Tusk Mountains, where they are to find a Giant Eagle, and somehow obtain a tail feather.

As they leave the road to follow a river into the mountains, the adventurers pull their trusty wagon into the trees, and stay the night sleeping under the stars.

Awakening in the morning, they follow the river into the foothills of the mountains, as the terrain grows uneven and rocky. There is a small dirt track that loosely follows the river.

Suddenly the party is ambushed by hobgoblins, who rush out of the trees one side of the path brandishing swords, and fire arrows from the ridge behind them.

The hobgoblins are slain, and the ones who tried to flee chased down by Bear the Bear, and Starchild in the form of a wolf. Over the bodies, they spot large almost humanoid birds circling high overhead, a deep red in colour. Unphased and continuing on their path, the party find themselves deep in the mountains after a few hours.

They then spot 2 eagles soaring overhead, almost 6 feet tall, with a wingspan of well over 12 feet. Starchild uses his druidic magic to speak to the creature, who is incredibly intelligent for a beast. The eagles land, with a cohort of regular eagles. Here they talk with the party, who offer various items to trade for a tail feather. The Eagles are largely uninterested in material possessions, who state they must hunt, since the ‘Red ones’ are moving into their hunting grounds, making food scarce. Hearing this, Starchild offers that the adventurers can ‘take care’ of the problem, by removing the ‘Red ones’. During the negotiations one of the eagles takes a liking to Uma, who is feeding him scraps of food.

The Eagles agree this will be sufficient payment for a tail feather, something fairly inconsequential to them. They carry the adventurers away, leaving Bear the Bear behind, and land them high on a mountain where the ‘Red ones’ have made their nest.

Here they find numerous of the Bird-Men, a deep red in colour, who carry javelins which they use in diving attacks. The Giant Eagles joint them in a conflict against the Bird-Men, while the party makes their way across a cliff round to the nest.

With the help of a ‘Spiderclimb’ spell, Uma quickly makes his way to the nest as the others fight their flying adversaries from the cliff. One of the eagles falls during this conflict, left on the mountainside far below. The Bird-Men are defeated though, and Uma sweeps up the large eggs which lay in the nest, breaking one, and sets off down the cliff after the Eagle who fell.

The surviving Eagle speaks with Starchild once again, and gifts him a Tail feather, while Uma manages to pull one intact from the body of the other. The small eagle who took a liking to Uma appears again, and accompanies the party on their walk back to where Bear was left.

On the way, the party run into a hobgoblin patrol. Two Hobgoblins, riding Worgs charge them, and attack fiercely. Starchild once again takes wolf form, and together the party manage to slay the Hobgoblins before they can flee and alert whoever they may be allied with.

Reaching the wagon, the party journey back to their tower, and arrive very late in the night, exhausted and hungry. They are greeted by an entirely reworked tower, modified to their liking and cleaned. They stay here the night, and travel to Ironcourt in the morning. They find it undergoing construction works, bolstering the city’s defences, and most noticeably installing ballistae in many of the watchtowers.

Here Uma peddles the Bird-Man eggs to an eager young wizard, who hurriedly pays and scurries off with the eggs. Meanwhile Herman trades his Dwarven Thunder Hammer for a magically enhanced battleaxe. Uma then meets up with Captain Graves, who he gifts the Giant Eagle tail feather to. Graves is incredibly grateful, and informs Uma that he is having a parade, and gaining a Title, and that he would like the party to attend the event. Uma accepts, and the two go for a drink at the ‘Giggling Pineapple’, formerly owned by Trent Heartwood, renamed and re-branded by a former barmaid.

Here Uma looks for some shadier work, and finds a man offering a contract for stealing a ceremonial sword from a local rich businessman. He accepts, and begins his investigation into how he may obtain this item.

The party then travel to Oakenmark, where they meet Peyton Farlight, the wizard who was charged with completing the enchantment on their table of identify. He is happy with the tail feather, and travels to the tower to complete the enchantment, after which the adventurers eagerly identify the magical items they have acquired.

After a couple of days, the adventurers return to Ironcourt for Graves’ parade. Here there is a huge crowd gathered in the market square. The sound of trumpets accompanies the arrival of a parade of the city watch, and Graves on horseback as he rides up to the stage. He gives a short speech before being awarded the title of ’Lawbringer’by Lord Blackbridge for his role in the downfall of Heartwood. The Lord gives a short speech before Graves takes over once again.

He invites the adventurers on stage, honouring them for their role in the investigation. There is a clatter at the far end of the Market Square, where some shutters have been flung open.

Graves’ chest suddenly explodes in blood as a huge 6-foot long bolt flies through the air over the crowd, passing through Graves and embedding itself in the wood behind him. He stumbles and falls on his back, coughing up blood and bleeding profusely from the huge hole in his chest.

The crowd erupts in panic.


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