The Lord of Ironcourt

The Journey To Kullvar

Bundled in the back of a hay wagon, the adventures find themselves leaving the lands for the first time in their lives.

The first is Uma Thurman, a young woodsman, who spent his childhood and young adulthood hunting in the woods, feeding his family, and selling the rare excess meat. Using his skills with bow, spear, and knife to defend himself. His father taught him little of fighting with a sword too, and when Uma left, his father gave him his sword. Uma also found a connection with nature, and learned little of the arcane ways of nature.

Next in the wagon is Starchild Angleboots, somewhat of an outcast from the village, his family lived in the forest, part of an organisation of Druidic priests. Seen as outdated and unnecessary by the Lord, the Druids were subject to the same harsh taxes and sanctions as the rest of the villagers, so Starchild too was sent away by his family. Practice in the druidic arts has taught Starchild how to harness the ancient arcane powers of the natural world, making him a dangerous enemy.

Lastly, hiding amongst the hay was Herman Jones, a Dwarf of stout build and sporting an impressive beard. A rarity in the area, Jones was a member of the few Dwarven families in the Province, migrated from the Mountainhomes. His family run a smithy, and forged weapons and armour for the Lord. Little was made from this work however, despite fine Dwarven craftsmanship. His family taught him how to fight with the weapons they made however, and they retained as much of their Dwarven culture as they could manage. In the downtime however, Jones found a passion for studying the practice of magic in secret, helped by a close friend of the family, an old Wizard called Alaric.

Along the road they found a wounded man, stabbed in the stomach, who was quickly healed by Starchild, and taken with them, still unconscious.

A few miles later they came under ambush by roving bandits. Stopping and jumping out of the wagon, surprising the bandits, the adventurers defeated the bandits, and resumed their journey.

Upon reaching the town, they bid the merchant farewell, and took the man they saved to the church to be healed.


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