The Lord of Ironcourt

The Summer Exodus Festival

The Summer Exodus Festival is upon the City. It marks the removal of all those who worship the old gods from the lands of the King of this province. The adventurers engage in the festival, despite being worshipers of the old gods themselves, since they fear not blending in with the locals. They engage in a few festival games and traditions organised by a travelling band of orange robed entertainers, and soon the festival has passed.

When the entertainers leave, there is uproar in the town as many families realize their children are missing. A mob quickly forms and pursues the entertainers to their next destination, Oakenmark, a nearby Port City. The adventurers decide to join the pursuit and follow the band out until they find them camping off the road.

The party decide the mob can probably handle a band of entertainers, but there is a brief fight and the mob is reduced to nothing at the cost of few of the entertainers, who all draw vicious machetes. At this point they intervene, and after a long fight manage to defeat a handful of the band, and pursue a brown robed individual who flees. He falls to an arrow shot by Uma. They find a note in a curious language on his body.

In the camp, they find many children asleep, who they take back to Ironcourt on a wagon. They are rewarded by the Lord, and announced heroes in the City. The bodies of the entertainers all bear necklaces with a cross and snake pendant, which is revealed to be a symbol of a cult, who seek to return the old gods to the land. They are known as the Sons of the Gathering Dawn.


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