The Lord of Ironcourt


As the crowd scattered, fleeing for their lives, several members throw off cloaks, revealing the orange robes of the Sons of the Gathering Dawn. The guards and the adventurers push through the crowd, as more cultists stream out of the building at the back of the square.

Fighting their way towards the leaders, dressed in dark brown robes, the party slay a few cultists in their path. They do not make it in time before one of the leaders vanishes in a burst of blue light. Meanwhile, Uma Thurman escorts the Lord Blackbridge to his halls, where nothing at all happens.

The other, attempting to flee, although gravely wounded by magic missiles, realises it is only him and another acolyte left, and they are facing a handful of guards, and the heroes of the town. He kills the acolyte and drops his weapons to attempt to prove his surrender.

He explains he has been forced into helping the cult murder Arthur Graves, and shows Herman that he has been branded with their mark. Not trusting the man, Herman takes his weapons, and goes through his satchel. Inside Herman finds a small vial of dark purple liquid, which he drinks, and promptly throws up.

The guards, with the help of Herman, take the man, who has revealed his name to be Klyne Laceheart, to the jails. Here they find the Jailer, who transfers the man to a cell. Herman then talks to Laceheart, hoping to gain some information on the location of the Cultists’ Headquarters.

Laceheart reveals he has been forced to serve the cult, since they have his family hostage at his house. Herman decides to attempt to convince the jailer to turn a blind eye to Herman taking the prisoner, since Herman has been officially recognised as a friend of the city.

He leaves with Laceheart, and the party meet up and travel to their tower, where they rest the night. Thy plan to save Laceheart’s family, and in return he will lead the party to the Cultists Headquarters.

They set off the next evening, and approach Laceheart’s house. It is very large, and well built, away from the city. It seems much more than a hunter could afford, and he reveals he was also an assassin. After a botched attempt to silence the guards outside, they enter Laceheart’s house. Climbing up the wall, Laceheart enters his wife’sroom, while Starchild climbs the opposite wall in the form of a mouse. Uma and Herman enter through a trap door in his floor.

After taking out a few cultists, and terrifying Laceheart’s children, the adventurers come across Laceheart’s wife, with a dagger to her throat. Across the room stands Laceheart, with his hand crossbow raised. Starchild casts a spell to paralyse the cultist, after which Uma puts his sword through the man’s face.

Laceheart embraces his wife, and they find his children.


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